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Frustrated. Confused. Exhausted. This is how many parents feel when they suspect their child may have special needs and they want answers, but they don't know where to turn. If your child is experiencing motor, speech, social, academic or behavioral problems, we're here to help by offering pediatric occupational therapy and pediatric speech therapy.

Each child and family has different needs. Our unique approach combines traditional therapy with expertise in child development and family issues. It includes the direct treatment of your child, education for the family, and tools and strategies to help at home.  The more you learn about your child's needs, the better you are able to successfully manage life at home. The result...better quality of life for everyone. 

Parents gain a better understanding of their child while discovering ways to support growth and development at home. Every day...life gets a little better. 

Early intervention is critical with any developmental issue. The earlier one can identify, understand and address issues, the better. So if you see your child struggling, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to seek more information from qualified professionals. We can help-we offer speech therapy and occupational therapy in Montgomery, Frederick and the surrounding counties. 

Proudly providing services in Frederick, Maryland.  Easily accessible to Montgomery County,
 Howard County, Carroll County, Washington County and Charles Town, West Virginia. 

Way to Grow, LLC Pediatric Occupational and Speech Therapy Services

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