Providing You with Quality Pediatric Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy Services

  • Each child and family has different needs. Our unique approach combines traditional therapy with expertise in child development and family issues. It includes the direct treatment of your child, education for the family, and tools and strategies to help at home. The more you learn about your child's needs, the better you are able to successfully manage life at home. The result...better quality of life for everyone. 

  • We offer individual treatment, evaluation and consultation services in both occupational therapy and pediatric speech language therapy.  In addition, we have various social skills groups. (see sidebar)

  • Occupational therapy services include specific developmental activities and directed play, using swings, ladders, bolsters, mats, balls, target games, toys and more. We treat at our clinic or provide treatment and consultation services at your child's school or daycare site. In some instances, we come to the home to provide treatment. Learn more on our FAQ page.

  • Speech Language therapy focuses on helping kids develop the ability to produce accurate speech sounds and acquire language skills. Language skills encompasses receptive (understanding what is heard), expressive (being able to convey ideas and thoughts with words) and pragmatic (understanding practical aspects of communication, sucy as turn taking, how close to stand and how to shift topics appropriately) language skills. Our therapists also help kids with difficulty eating and swallowing. In addition to individual treatment our speech therapists run curriculum based social skills groups for children ages 5-12. Learn more on our FAQ page.

  • Therapy seems like a lot of fun to the kids we treat, but as they play, they're also learning skills and making important connections in their brains.

Our occupational and speech therapy clinic is located in Frederick, Maryland providing
a convenient location for those in Montgomery County, Howard County, Carroll County, 
Washington County and Charles Town, West Virginia.

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Proudly providing services in Frederick, Maryland.  Easily accessible to Montgomery County,
Howard County, Carroll County, Washington County and Charles Town, West Virginia. 

Social Skills Groups
for children ages 5-10, led by speech language pathologist,  Cheryl Wilkie, CCC-SLP.