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Services for Adults and Agencies 
We offer evaluation and consultation services for adult clients with severe and profound handicapping conditions. We also provide staff training to sites that serve these individuals so staff can learn about sensory processing and the role of sensory activities for this population. Appropriate design of the environment and access to special sensory equipment can dramatically improve quality of life for individuals with severe and profound handicapping conditions.  In addition, implementing use of sensory-based strategies and providing access to a sensory room will assist staff in remarkable ways.  

Individual evaluation determines if the client would benefit from use of sensory based strategies, development of an individualized sensory diet, or use of specialized sensory equipment to achieve a calm alert state and best functional status. Specific recommendations are made for ways to improve quality of life for the client. 

Way to Grow provides assessment of the physical environment to determine if the client's needs are being met.  If indicated, Way to Grow can design spaces that better meet the needs of clients from a sensory perspective.  We have performed such services for various agencies with day programs and residential care in Frederick, Prince Georges and Washington Counties in Maryland.

Special sensory rooms, such as those we have designed, use special sensory equipment such as bubble columns, fiber optics, swings, sound and motion activated activity centers, projectors and aromatherapy devices.  These spaces can be used to promote and maintain a calm alert state or to provide safe and secure equipment for activity and movement.