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Social Skills Groups with Cheryl Wilkie, SLP

Social skills groups are curriculum-based sessions that serve children ages 5-12 and meet for 12 consecutive weeks. Sessions include introductions, role-playing, snack, with games and activities that enhance the skills being taught.  Curriculum is customized to meet the needs of members, grouped in an age-appropriate manner. Parents receive handouts at the end of each meeting, telling them about the day's lessons and offering suggestions for how to reinforce learning at home. Group content is customized to address the needs of members, covering topics such as:

Conversational/Pragmatic skills:
•    Interpreting tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language
    Eye contact and facing the speaker
•    Initiating, maintaining and terminating conversations
•    Turn taking and sharing topics

Getting along with others:
• Making and keeping friends
• Being Flexible and learning to compromise
• Playing cooperatively
• Speaking kindly

Problem Solving:
• Settling conflicts
• What to do if you have hurt their feelings
• What to do if you don’t agree with someone.
​• How to tell if you have hurt another person’s feelings
​​• What to do if someone hurts your feelings
• Taking charge of anger in a responsible way

Registration is ongoing, so if your child joins the group in the
middle of the session your fee will be prorated.

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Social Skills Groups
Social Skills Schedule

Group is currently meeting on Wednesday evenings. This may change, if other groups form and meet on different days, depending on the ages and level of function of students. 

For more information call the office at 301-846-4769.

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